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Для любителей свежих релизов присутствует функция
зацикленного прослушивания.
Трек будет звучать снова и снова – это удобно, если необходимо выучить слова для комфортного отдыха в караоке или выступлений.

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Выбранными хитами есть возможность делиться в
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музыки, хиты 2020, рок, инди, клубные треки.
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Не музыкой единой
Помимо пользующихся популярностью композиций на ресурсе Wm-Box.ru
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Популярными книжными темами 2020 года являются
творчество В. Зеланда и Г.
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Вбивая в строку запросов «рингтон» получаем
все актуальные композиции, подобные «арабскому сальто», новогодним колокольчикам, песням группы «Любэ» и так далее.
Для поиска свеженьких композиций необходимо вбивать:
новинки, хиты, популярные рингтоны, популярные песни.

Плюсы Wm-Box
К достоинствам музыкального ресурса Wm-Box.ru можно смело отнести:

- простота скачивания музыки;
- непрерывно обновляемый список треков, новинки 2020;

- возможности загружать файлы в формате мп3;

- присутствие аудиокниг, рингтонов, ОСТов к аниме
и фильмам.
Для нестандартных запросов
Пользователями ресурса Wm-Box.ru являются все категории
населения: от детей до пенсионеров, от работников шахт до офисных менеджеров.
Совсем не удивительно, что среди песен находятся опенинги и эндинги аниме.
Для того, чтобы отыскать нужный
трек, необходимо указать название сериала или фильма и добавить:
эндинг, опенинг, OST.
Нужно поздравить с праздником?
Вбиваем через поиск «поздравление» и получаем большой выбор музыки
популярных авторов, приуроченных к разным торжественным мероприятиям, личным или
Не можете найти, что послушать?

На портале есть большая подборка
актуальных запросов, позволяющая выбрать записи, которые
нравятся другим людям. Попросту выбираем любое интересное название из предлагаемых и наслаждаемся музыкой.
Wm-Box.ru – это портал для любителей музыки
каких угодно направлений. Без регистрации, СМС, надобности вводить паспортные данные.
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Wm-Box - современный музыкальный сервис с
систематично обновляемыми новинками, которые возможно загружать в
формате mp3. В настройках разберется даже ребенок –
никаких регистраций, кодов-проверок,
СМС-сообщений. Здесь находится популярная музыка онлайн для ноутбука или смартфона в распространенном расширении мп3 для всех, кто любит зарубежные и наши хиты.

Как все это работает?
Чтобы слушать музыку, необходимо лишь ввести в поисковую строку, размещенную
вверху страницы, любимого исполнителя или название трека.

Сразу появится список имеющихся песен, которые возможно прослушать прямо
на сайте или перекачать по нажатию кнопки.
Также имеется функция зацикленного воспроизведения.
Трек будет проигрываться вновь и вновь – это удобно, если нужно
подучить текст для отдыха в
караоке или выступлений.

Что еще возможно сделать на музыкальном портале Wm-Box?

Хитами можно делиться в соцсетях.
Сейчас на ресурсе доступны репосты в Twitter,
G+, Одноклассники, VK, Facebook. В поисковик есть возможность вбивать и абстрактные запросы,
как например: рок, инди, клубные
треки, новинки музыки, хиты 2020. Программа сама выберет список подходящих треков, которые можно
послушать и скачать. Портал запускается на телефоне и на ПК.
Простой дизайн не требует огромных мощностей, максимально быстро грузится
во время прослушивания.

Не только музыка
Кроме актуальных композиций на Wm-Box.ru имеются аудиокниги и рингтоны.
Для поиска литературного произведения достаточно
ввести название. Желательно запрашивать имя автора, для того, чтобы
получить доступ ко всем имеющимся его произведениям.

Популярными книжными темами стали творчество Г.
Лавкрафта и В. Зеланда.
Нынешнего пользователя мобильного устройства невозможно представить без рингтона.
Вбивая в строку поиска «рингтон» мы получим любые актуальные композиции,
подобные «арабскому сальто», новогодним колокольчикам, песням группы «Любэ» и так далее.

С целью поиска свеженьких композиций необходимо вбивать: хиты, популярные
рингтоны, популярные песни, новинки.

Превосходства сайта Wm-Box
К плюсам сайта Wm-Box.ru относятся:
- простота поиска треков;
- постоянно обновляемый список композиций, новинки 2020 года;
- возможности скачивать музыку
в формате мп3;
- наличие аудиокниг, рингтонов, ОСТов к фильмам.

Для необычных запросов
Пользователями Wm-Box.ru стали любые категории населения: от малышей до пожилых людей, от работников шахт до офисных
менеджеров. Совсем не удивительно,
что среди песен находятся
опенинги и эндинги аниме.
Для того, чтобы отыскать трек, необходимо
указать название сериала или фильма
и добавить: эндинг, опенинг, OST.
Необходимо срочно поздравить кого-либо с праздником?
Вбиваем в поисковик «поздравление» и получаем огромный выбор музыки самых популярных артистов, которые приурочены к
разным праздничным мероприятиям,
общественным или личным.

Не можете определить, что послушать?

На сайте присутствует подборка
популярных запросов, которая дает возможность выбрать и послушать
записи, которые понравились другим посетителям.
Просто подбираем интересное название и наслаждаемся.
Wm-Box.ru – это отличный ресурс для любителей музыки каких угодно стилей и направлений.

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Tancpol.net: актуальные музыкальные композиции
2020 года в формате mp3
Очень комфортная система для пользователей,
простой интерфейс, только самая популярная музыка для меломана, хороший музыкальный проигрыватель с
опцией прокрутки – только самый незначительный перечень достоинств, которые оценит пользователь,
попавший на портал Tancpol.net.

Каталог ресурса непрерывно обновляют.
Поэтому посетитель в любой момент имеет
возможность прослушивать актуальные музыкальные композиции в mp3 формате.

Прослушивание новой музыки –
это не единственно возможный бонус, доступный на ресурсе.
Пользователь также может бесплатно скачать новинки музыки в высоком качестве.

В результате, возможно не только ежедневно слушать
музыку, но и использовать ее в качестве рингтона.

В случае если у вас возникли вопросы, связанные с пользовательскими настройками, вы имеете возможность связаться
с технической поддержкой, при помощи различных средств обратной связи (Viber, Skype,
электронная почта и так далее).
В компетенции администратора широкий список разнообразных вопросов: поддерживаемые аудио-форматы, установка рингтона,
продолжительность загрузки файлов, возможности непрерывного прослушивания на платформе
Ключевые нюансы и особенности музыкальных порталов
Скачивание и прослушивание мп3-треков в
онлайн режиме – самое главное и
неоспоримое преимущество музыкального сайта.

Ресурс может также похвастаться безупречным качеством контента,
а также актуальным онлайн-каталогом.

Среди принципиальных моментов и основных плюсов музыкальных порталов выделим:
- возможности сохранения треков в закладки, что позволяет максимально быстро найти понравившиеся вам композиции;
- поддерживается скачивание треков на любой носитель, включая жесткий диск компьютера, телефоны, планшеты, мп3-плееры, флеш-накопители;
- высокий уровень защиты от вредоносных программ и компьютерных вирусов;

- отсутствует потребность установки на компьютер музыкального плеера (сайт
имеет специальный проигрыватель, который систематично обновляется);
- удобная система пользовательской навигации (нужно только указать имя артиста
или название композиции и сервис выдаст несколько вариантов);
- присутствует отличная возможность поделиться треками с близкими
друзьями, при помощи социальных сетей;
- гарантируется стабильное и устойчивое соединение с любыми средствами
связи (WiFi, мобильный интернет), что обеспечит
прослушивание музыки "без тормозов"
- большое количество рингтонов для мобильных телефонов, адаптированных под ОС-Android всех версий;
- на сайте предусмотрены средства оперативной связи с посетителями (при возникновении
любых затруднительных вопросов пользователь всегда может связываться со специалистами);
- наличие практичного мп3-плеера с интегрированными функциями загрузки аудио
контента, прокрутки и регулировки громкости звука.

Кроме этого на ресурсе есть возможность найти запросы, которые интересуют большинство посетителей (топ аудиотреков, которые пользуются большим спросом сегодня).

Если вы хотите слушать музыку в высоком
качестве, предлагаем воспользоваться музыкальным порталом, например, Tancpol.net.
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Знаете ли вы?
Рассказ Стивенсона о волшебной бутылке был опубликован почти одновременно на английском и самоанском языках.
Плата за проезд в последний путь у древних была скорее символической.
Видеоигру с простейшей графикой называли и шедевром, и троллингом.
Вместо Плещеева озера Пётр I мог построить потешный флот на озере Неро.
Кустурица пропустил получение «Золотой ветви» в Каннах, так как любит друзей больше, чем церемонии награждения.

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Знаете ли вы?
Среди клиентов древнеримского афериста был император Марк Аврелий.
Русские мечтали о шапке-невидимке, а древние греки — о кольце невидимости.
Картина парада Победы, где руководство страны смещено на задний план, получила Сталинскую премию.
Новый вид пауков-скакунов был назван по имени писателя в честь юбилея его самой известной книги о гусенице.
Акадийка много раз становилась первой.

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Знаете ли вы?
Владелец вернул похищенную картину Пикассо почтой, не найдя покупателей.
Художник-карикатурист известен пародией на мунковский «Крик».
Картина парада Победы, где руководство страны смещено на задний план, получила Сталинскую премию.
Кустурица пропустил получение «Золотой ветви» в Каннах, так как любит друзей больше, чем церемонии награждения.
Китай реализует в Пакистане собственный План Маршалла.

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Tancpol.net: последние новинки музыки 2020 в формате mp3
Очень удобная система навигации,
понятный интуитивный интерфейс, только популярная музыка онлайн для меломанов,
отличный музыкальный проигрыватель с опцией прокрутки аудио контента – лишь самый малый перечень плюсов, которые
оценит пользователь, попавший на портал Tancpol.net.

Каталог ресурса постоянно обновляется.
Поэтому посетитель имеет уникальную возможность слушать актуальные
музыкальные композиции в mp3 формате.

Прослушивание новейшей музыки – это
не единственный бонус, который доступен
на ресурсе. Посетитель также может бесплатно скачать
популярные песни в прекрасном качестве.

Возможно не только ежедневно
слушать любимую музыку, но и использовать
ее в качестве рингтона.
Если у вас появились проблемы, связанные с пользовательскими настройками или скачиванием, вы можете связаться с технической поддержкой, посредством популярных средств обратной связи
(E-mail, viber, Skype и так далее). В компетенции администраторов самый широкий список любых
вопросов: поддерживаемые веб-сайтом аудио-форматы, установка рингтона на айфон/смартфон, длительность загрузки файлов, возможности непрерывного прослушивания
песен в режиме онлайн на сайте Tancpol.

Главные нюансы и принципиальные особенности музыкальных сайтов
Скачивание и прослушивание мп3-композиций в режиме онлайн – самое
главное преимущество музыкального портала.

Ресурс может похвастать отличным качеством звукового контента и актуальным каталогом музыки.

Среди принципиальных аспектов и ключевых
достоинств музыкальных площадок
следует выделить:
- возможность сохранения песен в закладки, что позволяет максимально быстро найти
и послушать понравившиеся вам аудиотреки;
- поддерживается скачивание файлов на
любые носители, включая сюда жесткий диск компьютера, планшеты,
mp3-плееры, флеш-накопители, телефоны;
- высокий уровень безопасности и надежная защита от вредных программ
и компьютерных вирусов;
- отсутствует потребность инсталляции на устройство отдельного музыкального плеера (ресурс уже имеет высококачественный проигрыватель для
музыки, который систематически обновляется);

- практичная система навигации (требуется только указать исполнителя или
название композиции и сервис выдает несколько различных вариантов);

- присутствует отличная возможность делиться любимыми треками с друзьями, с помощью
социальных сетей;
- гарантировано устойчивое соединение на различных средствах связи (Мобильный интернет, WiFi),
что обеспечивает прослушивание музыки "без тормозов" когда угодно;
- наличие огромного числа рингтонов,
адаптированных под ОС-Android;
- на ресурсе предусмотрены средства обратной связи (при возникновении вопросов пользователь
может связаться со службой поддержки);
- наличие функционального мп3-проигрывателя с интегрированными опциями загрузки аудио контента, регулировки громкости звука и прокрутки.

Кроме этого на ресурсе вы можете найти востребованные запросы, которые интересуют большинство пользователей (топ аудиотреков, которые пользуются интересом на сегодняшний день).

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I am Mike, 16, I do the normal things a teenage guy does, video games, hanging out with friends, sports, no girl friend fanaticize about sex.And noI have not really been on a date yet. I guess you could classify me as a jock, just not the baseball, football or basketball type. I did like cross country and really liked the long distance runs we had to do.Most of the other guys on the team hated running anything over 6 or 8 miles. Me, I felt I was just getting started at 6. It didnt matter if it was spring or winter season. It was just great to be outside. So I was definitely in shape but not muscular.
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AndrewSop | 10.6.2021 06:11:46
Marcia and Ted were into their favorite bar on a Friday night, drinking and dancing to a local rock band.Two of their friends, Larry and Joan, walked in and joined them.The two couples drank well into the night and when the bar closed down, Marcia and Ted suggested that they continue the party at their house.
Ted turned on more rock music at the house and asked if Larry and Joan would like to smoke some weed to keep the party going.The four of them sat around and got high and eventually, the topic of conversation turned to sex.
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DonaldPhamn | 10.6.2021 12:22:39
The next morning Ryan woke to the definite sensation of something warm, wet, and wrapped around his hard and throbbingcock. Peeking under the covers his curiosity was rewarded with the deliriously sexy sight of Patty sucking him while she was in a state of pleasure and happiness. Mind you, if hed taken the time to look, he could have figured it out by the up and down motion of the covers, or by the air movement that her bobbing created. But just that lustful sight was worth the effort of his exploration.
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Gregoryrap | 10.6.2021 18:55:37
The air conditioner on my old Honda Prelude had died along with the radio, and now I was soaking in the last breaths of the cold air. Just before the temperature in that hot box became unbearable, a pale girl on a bicycle appeared, my salvation.
Jesus Tabitha, you said youd be home 2 hours ago. Im gonna need a jump now, I complained as I slammed my car door. Well, the skinny red head started, locking her pink mountain bike to the rack, that is what youre here for isnt it? I gave only an amiable smile as the double entendre wouldnt dawn on me for another moment. Well where the heck have you been?
Charlessob | 11.6.2021 00:43:53
This is my first story hoped you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I appreciate any compliments and/or tips. Tell me if you want me to continue this story. Thanks <3
Every day was different when working at the police station, but Carol was still taken aback by what she discovered when she walked into work. She was surprised when she walked into the main area to be greeted by the chief inspector Stan, who was standing next to a woman of early 30s, wearing a red latex outfit that showed an ample amount of her cleavage, which Carol could only guess was DD.
Suipwiree | 11.6.2021 00:52:42
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WilliamBrurf | 11.6.2021 05:47:03
My 4 p.m. Timberlake spin class is about to start and all I can think about is the path my life has taken. I, Benjamin, a once bad-boy with a fetish for bees used to brothel hop and go to matinees alone to use only the most buttery of popcorn to relieve myself in times when my flesh light was stolen. It wasnt until I hit rock bottom half way through what I thought was flight of the bumblebees, when I realized I was masturbating to Akeelah and the Bee and tearing up along with Laurence Fishburne as Akeelah correctly spells logorrhea, when I decided to turn my life around. Trading matinees for daily spin classes, I have devoted my life to healthy eating, exercise and the LA lifestyle. Although my life is now back on track I cant help but have cravings for large breasts, dripping pussies, and holding my cock watching it blow with the force of one thousand fire hydrants – now thats some good shit.
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My dad and I had always been close in what some people would call an odd way. My mom passed away when I was 3 so dad basically raised me by himself. Growing up we did everything together. Cuddled (sometimes he would be naked) and watched sports, went to games, he would give me baths, and some other stuff. But as I got older I noticed how dad would start to look at me more and more and for longer amounts of time.
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Georgeirors | 12.6.2021 00:07:35
Anya lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling of her moderately-sized dorm room. Her digital alarm clocks LCD display burned a crisp 4:05 AM in the darkness. In two hours and a half she would have to go to class. Her music player was still operating, singing out Pink Floyds later, more ambient sounds. In her head, she went over all the homework she had and every project due withing the next three weeks. Everything was according to schedule. She continued to stare, thinking about how she would make the most of the first weekend her roommate, Tara, was gone.
KevinMok | 12.6.2021 02:44:11
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StephenIrorm | 12.6.2021 05:18:38
I tried so hard to remember what had gotten me here.Could it have happened that first night in the movie theatre?Could it have been when he was fucking me?Could it have been in the theatre today?These are all questions that went through my head.
The first night we went to the movies turned out to be a most memorable one.My Daddy wanted a blow job.He didnt care who was around, or if they saw, he only wanted to release and release he did.He unzipped his pants and pulled them down away from his cock then took his hand and wrapped it around the back of my neck.
Chesterthact | 12.6.2021 10:33:39
God I need a cigarette! I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District.
Youre supposed to be setting us a good example. Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates.
Fu…To Hell with that! I laughed, I deserve one after a walk like that.
Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; Do you really want a smoke?
LeroyDum | 12.6.2021 16:58:28
I just dont understand what happened? Jax spoke to Tyler as they rode in the front of the bus on their way back to gray rock. They continued the discussion as the boys complained about not getting to see the girls and such. The whole bus ride back was noisy. As the bus pulled into the parking lot and the cadets made their way back to the dorms Jax and Tyler made their way to the armory to check in their weapons. Jax spoke as they walked I know you dont agree with all the behind the scenes stuff he motioned with his fingers as if quoting. But I also have seen how you look and act around that cadet…whats his name…max.
StephenWhips | 12.6.2021 23:49:45
This is a story based off of one of my friends and I. He is my best friend in the entire world. I wouldnt trade what we have for anything.
Adam is my best friend. He is about 63 and is kind of tan considering its always cold here. Hes skinny but has a lot of muscle. He is the star player on our schools basketball and baseball teams. He is so super nice to everyone and is very smart. Hes in a lot of my classes. Hes kind of shy and quiet too.
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ErickAssoG | 13.6.2021 15:26:44
She still remembers the first time she saw him. The very delayed 10.06 train to Manchester. Delayed because of a technical fault. Apparently.
She stood on the platform, impatiently waiting to see if she could *finally* go home to see her mother for the first time in months. Shed been so busy with work and was having a lot of issues with her boyfriend, she barely had time to arrange some downtime and seeing her family.
Timothytig | 13.6.2021 17:26:36
This is another of the older stories from my Lust journal (its a red journal, so my nom de plume is RedLust). Its about 2 years old and I did have to expand it for the contest. It isnt so much a story as a scene, just a little glimpse of one sexual act.
Like many of the things I wrote back then it is in second person (meaning: you); and that is not to everyones taste, I know, but it seemed to fit the contests requirement of anonymity.
RubenDes | 13.6.2021 17:51:55
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VanceDet | 13.6.2021 18:53:42
Thanks.Youre that nice man who works at rearranging stuff in the store so people cant find anything.
I laughed and said,
Im just doing my job.
I know you are.I couldnt help but to notice you, because you are a nice guy and all.I dont usually do anything like this; honestly, Ive never done anything like this.Would you come to my place for the night?Its been a long time since Ive been with a man, and to be honest, Im really lonely.And no, Im not a psycho or have any diseases..
ShawnGex | 13.6.2021 20:34:25
Let me start with some background information. Charlotte grew up in the Northwest. By the time she was 16, she was 57, blonde, 120lbs. She always wore yoga pants and tight shirts to show off her DDs and amazing ass. Her sex experiences were limited, always being relatively mild unless she had been drinking. Charlotte would always get a bit crazy after a few drinks, guess that plays into the guys advantages. She would give head, but hated cum so she never enjoyed it. When the occasioned called she could deepthroat a good 8 inches. Her ass had been fingered a couple times but she refused to go any further.
ChesterDab | 13.6.2021 22:15:00
After Ana had called and asked me to come back to her and make her my cum slut, I was excited. I had thought I would never see her again. I had left her laying on the kitchen table with a mouth full of my cum, a cunt full of my cum, and an asshole full of my cum, while she was passed out. I was very apprehensive how this meeting was going to go.
Joshuabeive | 13.6.2021 23:55:16
There was a soft knock on the door to his chambers. Who the hell wants to see me this late? Brandyn had told his guards explicitly to not let anyone see him tonight. He sighed, arranging the various maps into piles on his desk
Come in, Brandyn said, rising. His left hand rested on the pommel of the dagger belted to his side. You can never be too cautious in times of war.
WoodrowTex | 14.6.2021 01:35:33
Jake, arrived home from his trip, meeting his step mom and his dad at the front door, he smiled and walked into the house.
Did you have a great time? Jakes step mom, Jody asked as he flashed past her.
Jake stared at Jody, he saw her through different eyes following the experience of the previous few days.
He noticed her big boobs for the first time in his life. The contour of her body was very appealing to his new eye for the ladies, so appealing that he felt his cock start to stiffen.
Frankamert | 14.6.2021 03:17:30
Entering a free stall in the unisex bathroom Josh quickly relieved himself, sighing when the pressure was of his bladder.
He was about to zip up when he smelled cigarette smoke in the bathroom.
His cock throbbed a bit and grew as he figured that Jenny must have followed him.
Carefully he zipped up and flushed, leaving the stall to wash his hands.
Standing near the sink was Jenny, her cigarette hanging from her lips, semi dressed in a too short cheerleaders skirt and an open top that really racked her breasts up.
So I was thinking, why bother doing all the work yourself when I can have someone do it for me? Jenny said in a coy and girly voice.
Brandonjetty | 14.6.2021 04:57:58
After being thoroughly dominated by Margie, her teacher, Shannon took
out her wrestling frustrations on her regular sparring partner Kim,
during their tag-team match with Margie and Shannons partner Marilyn.
Tormenting Kim in a series of brutal scissors and a back bending
grapevine, Shannon holds her young opponent in a hammerlock, while she
recovers. She doesnt want to end the fall just yet and she was going to
make Kim suffer...
Shannon applied a little pressure to Kims already aching arm, trying to
nudge the blonde into an escape attempt. It was also an excuse to press
her body closer. Her thighs pushed against Kims plump ass, and Shannon
could feel the warm touch of their per spiring bodies.
Ralphhak | 14.6.2021 06:39:39
Terrifying, I answered, shifting in the seat, my hijab wrapped about my face. It was a colorful affair, chosen by Wahida. But also eager. I wanted to help my futa-mother out. She had this dream of futas being accepted everywhere.
Yes, President Woodward is very eager for it, said Adelia. The talk show host shifted as she sat beside me. She was a beautiful woman with caramel skin, her black hair swaying about her face. I was being interviewed on her afternoon show. Our talk was being streamed across the world. Do you have a close relationship with your mother.
BrandonPieve | 14.6.2021 08:20:56
I have prepared my basement for the task to come. I made two beds with leg and arm restraints on each. There was a water line going to an old sink that was used a long time ago for when the room was used for canning fresh fruits and vegetables. Three of the walls were made of concrete block, and the fourth was framed out of wood with a solid door. A single light bulb was used to light the room that had been used for storage for years now. It was in the county, with nary a neighbor for miles.
RogerLot | 14.6.2021 10:03:59
Why should I be in class when my teacher is somewhere off in Mexico? How is that possibly fair?At least in 20 minutes, I will be on my way home. By the way, my name is Gabe, I am a freshmen in college, just trying to get my way through these shitty classes. I am six feet tall, with ear length dark brown hair. I have bright blue eyes with dark blue rings around my irises. During high school I was on the swim team, and I continue to swim now, so I am strong and lean with muscles. I am not saying I am the best looking guy around, I think I am far from. But I sure as hell am not the worst. I have had my share of girlfriends, but none of them kept my interest for very long, high school girls are too vain for my liking. When I came to college I was excited to get with a lot of older college girls, and I had some chances, but found my shower was deeper than most of them.
Robertkeedy | 14.6.2021 11:47:06
It was the morning of Wednesday, December 28th as I made my way to the WWE offices in Stamford at 8:30am. Two nights ago I spent the night with Trish Stratus, then last night I spent the night with former diva Debra Marshall although I was in a sour mood by the end of it because I found out she had conspired with Stephanie to mess with my head. We had sex in the limo, then I left at about 10pm and as far as I knew she was flying back to Texas to do whatever she did there. The sex was great, maybe the best of my life, but I wasnt a big fan of getting worked like that, so I was looking forward to talking to Stephanie. I had no idea what I was going to say since she was my boss and Ive only been working for her under a week. Still, I planned on saying something about it.
Darrellomive | 14.6.2021 13:33:00
I awoke a week later, at 6am to find my house empty. My mother must have left during the night.
Tomorrow, Monday was football tryouts. This meant I would have to go get cleats, under armor and gloves.
I had about $1000 dollars left in my account from my last job. So I was good on money. I just needed to get there.
I hopped in the shower, reminiscing the week prior to this, beating my meat. I had almost completely given up trying to find out why it happened so sudden. I felt my climax, shooting rope, after rope of my pearl white cum hitting the walls and shower curtains.
Jameskes | 14.6.2021 15:20:44
Jessica age 21 looking for a summer job, when she was given an address in the industrial section of town, and after a bit of searching she found what looked like an old warehouse. It is definitely the right place, the sign Hot Model Photo Studio hung above the door, and she knocked quietly and nervously, she is starting to tremble. The door opened and she is greeted by me. Im smiling warmly, I extend my hand. Hi, Im John, and Im guessing that you must be Jessica? Hi. She said, taking my hand and shaking it, a little too weakly. Hm. Jessica. Cute, I said with a grin. I briefly look her up and down, eyes resting on her breasts for a second before meeting her gaze. Well come in, Im sure youd like to see the studio and get started. I gestured for her to follow me inside the warehouse, and when she did, her nerves started to ease a little. Inside is a very professional looking setup with various lights set up around a couch, a table, a chair, a blank screen and a bed. There are various still and video cameras on stands, these big silver umbrella looking things which they use to reflect the light and lots of different screens for backgrounds plus several wardrobes with outfits and props. There is also a fairly sophisticated looking office set up with a couple of computers and some other technical looking equipment that must have been for picture editing.
MatthewAttet | 14.6.2021 17:33:49
For those of you that dont know us Tammy and I have been married for 30 plus years. Those years have been a wild ride from 6 months before we got married till now. We met at a restaurant she worked at and I delivered to daily. After we got married, we lived in Tampa Fl for 3 or 4 years then we moved to Lake City FL where we still live. Tammy has worked at banks and insurance companies for the most part and I ran our small trucking company.
Stanleyvef | 14.6.2021 19:02:17
Im imagining you laying here next to me on my soft satin sheets. Youre wearing your favorite green top with the spaghetti straps and the matching skirt. We start to kiss, small timid kisses at first then growing to deep open mouthed kisses as our hands roam all over each others bodies. Your hand finds my cock and begins to stroke it through the thin material of my slacks. My hand slides between your thighs as my tongue slips into your mouth. Our tongues entwine around each other as we search each others mouths. Finally, I cant take any more and I need to move on.
RobertoCok | 14.6.2021 20:43:47
T sighed and plopped back into her chair and with a loud thud dropped her books to the desk.She was never going to pass this History class and there wasnt a damn thing she could do about it.Mrs. Pollard was unrealistic and definitely had it in for her.What a way to start her first semester of college.She sat sulking while the rest of the class filed out and Mrs. Pollard sat behind her gigantic desk, her back ram-rod straight staring at her.Tiffanie stared back.
Williamfuh | 14.6.2021 22:27:35
My Neighbourtravels quite frequently on business and leaves her wife home alone. I dont know if things just happen to break while dad is gone, or she waits until then to call me. Sometimes he will call me in advance to go fix something at their house, telling me how long he will be out of town. Is all this coincidental?
Arthurvam | 15.6.2021 00:11:22
We all sat in the room, giggling nervously as Mr. Anderson drank another monster. You know, being 14-15 year olds, its fun to be sitting in the teacher bathrooms after school with a teacher. Well not alone, we had a huge drama production coming up so we needed a few all nighters to get us through you know? Anyways for get me, I am just so happy and excited!
Kenny, your turn! Cammy giggled. She is my best friend, she is mixed and has really rad hair! It like curly and fluffy and just, rad! And she had such pretty curves with a large ass, and very nice tits, not my cup of tea if you catch my drift.
Williamwex | 15.6.2021 01:53:48
A common day in Wisconsin, snow lightly covered the ground and the roads were slick with ice. In front of a average looking house on a normal looking street lived a 19 year old boy who lived a generally normal life except for the fact he dabbled in the occult. Its not that he didnt believe in god, he just believed that there were demons. Demons that could be controlled with the right spell and incantation.
Dalton, for that was the kids name, thought he had finally found the right book, the cover was bound in what appeared leather (not sure if it was animal or human). The entire book was filled with faded letterings, what appeared to be Latin. A few of the incantations were too faded to physically reproduce but some of the spells were perfectly legible.
Claudeattak | 15.6.2021 03:36:50
Fatima paced anxiously in the living room waiting for Irfaan to pick her up for gym. This was all his idea. Hed ended up being the same stranger from the park. She couldnt believe her handsome stranger had turned out to be the same guy she was supposed to meet as a marriage proposition. Her fathers business partner had wanted Fatima and his son to meet each other.
BrianRhymn | 15.6.2021 05:19:58
Alone, Kimberly just sat there, dressed in blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a pair of black high-heeled boots covering her feet, the pants cuffs going over the footwears upper part. With her dark mane raised to the top of her classic looking head, beautiful Kim listened on and on as her stereo played a piece from Wagner, the prelude to Parsifal, an opera that turned her on; Wagners music especially doing something for her, its notes and measures having a gothic like quiescence, something which went well with her arcane and mysterious disposition.
Suipwiree | 15.6.2021 06:38:19
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JeraldAlgow | 15.6.2021 07:05:49
I quickly learnt just how much she enjoyed being licked and teased and thrived on the challenge of pleasuring her with my tongue and lips.
She appeared to have more erogenous zones than three other women combined.
Licking and kissing her nipples her rock hard nipples would have her moaning with pleasure instantly.
When driving in the motor car she often wore tight slacks and just a light touch from me between her legs would have her moaning and telling me, That is turning me on.
The first time we made love was after an alcohol affected lunch and the sex was below par.
The next time was awe inspiring.
Harveymal | 15.6.2021 08:50:06
okay lets begin with the details. I am 16 years old about 6 foot tall and a average weight about 75kg oh and my name is frank (i know it is a off name theses days)
It was the end of summer holidays andi was coming back from thedonna kebab shop when i saw the girl that was in my geography class and i secretly liked her.
Her name is brenda she is about 5 foot 7 inches and she was on the slim side but not too much her tits are not the biggest in the school but still well looked good on her.
Mariomup | 15.6.2021 10:33:21
Annabelle was at her normal new routine with John in the morning. Every morning she loved to play with his cock, as it made her tingle a little of pleasure down south. She gripped onto his cock in his sleep. She tugged at it lightly, as he didnt awaken from his slumber. It was still dark outside, the sun has not even peeked into the window yet. Baby, Can i lick your dick?~ She said out of desperation as to try and wake him up, tugging a little harder as she did. He still would not budge, he could sleep through an earthquake. She tugged harder, squeezing violently to try to get him up and still no movement. What is she gonna do? She was desperately horny. The evidence was all over her panties, and all over Johns leg.
Donaldces | 15.6.2021 12:16:21
Ah, good youre up, said Wimond as Aroal descended the stairs of one of the inns in Stormwind. Aroal let out a sigh. He had wanted to get up before his brother did but, as it turns out, he had failed in his quest. Seeing no way out, Aroal walked over to his brothers table and sat down. Seeing food on the table, Aroal reached out for some but his hand was slapped away by his brother.
Hey, what was that for? demanded Aroal as he shot his older brother a nasty glare.
We are not to eat yet, said the older paladin. We must fast before heading to the Cathedral of Light. Until we are done there we must only drink water.
JamesBuh | 15.6.2021 14:07:07
So Shirley knew I was no puritan. (One might have asked how puritan the puritans were, LOL.) Anyway, it turns out Shirley, who was a junior and lived off campus, had been dancing at Bodies for a couple of years. Maybe I would like to work there, too, she suggested. Bodies was a few miles off campus and featured student girls and older ladies. (Bodies is not the real name of the club, so dont bother looking it up.)
I told her I had no idea what a stripper actually does. I suppose you just take off your clothes in front of a bunch of guys.
Oscarmat | 15.6.2021 15:40:43
Bryan couldent beleive the sight infront of him. A naked teenaged girl standing right infront of him. She was the perfect girl for him. Tight ass, perfect curves, small breasts and beautifle eyes. Well? d...do i look good...? Maddy asked as she stepped towards him. Your.... amazing..! he said backing up somewhat, falling over on his back as she came closer, now climbing onto him. Good... she said smiling softly before she kissed him deeply, breasts resting on his chest and arms on both sides of Bryan. Her left hand slowly slid up his leg to his shirt pulling away for a moment and slipping it off. uhh- He started to protest, but as soon as he started, Maddy went to his pants and took them off now sliding a hand over his cock, making it stand up slowly, but surely. Dont worry. Ill take care of you she said, staring into his eyes before kissing him once again. Her hand slid up and down his cock, allowing a long moan to erupt from Bryan, who now gripped the mattress tightly. Mmm, damnit...
GarrettSoype | 15.6.2021 17:27:35
‘Hey bro whats up? My buddy Jake had just texted me. It was Friday night and I was just sitting at home playing Call of Duty. What else would you expect from a College student that didnt have a girlfriend nor was looking for one. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship that lasted two years to long.
‘Playing Cod. You? I replied back as I resumed my termination of the terrible player of Call of Duty. Buzz buzz buzz, I answered the phone.
‘Hey Dick head, whats going on? I said to my buddy.
JeremyWhota | 15.6.2021 19:12:50
Walter Jonas pulled his van into the lane leading to the Circle Double Bar Ranch and drove the quarter mile or so to the house that sat on a small rise at the end of the lane. The big red letters on the side of his truck told it all, WATER DIVINING, W.B. Jonas, Prop.! This was hot country, southern Texas, where the temperature could stay above 100 degree for weeks at a time, and where water was more valuable than oil, well, you cant go that far, but it was pretty darn precious in its own way!!! Walter pulled his van to a stop and was ready to hop out when out of nowhere a giant sized German Shepard began circling his vehicle while making menacing sounds that indicated he had better stay put until help arrived!!! After blasting his horn a couple of times, a forty plus woman came out of the house and approached the van!
JamesKak | 15.6.2021 20:55:33
Within a week of arriving in Hongkong, I had rented a rather large and expensive apartment in Mid Levels, I had purchased a lovely lilac coloured Volkswagen Beetle and I had the promise of a hostess job at a new club which was opening the following week in Central.I was quite proud of my achievements.
The Club was in the commercial centre of Hongkong and designed to attractthe numerous business clients of all nationalities and give them somewhere to spend their over generous expense accounts.
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Ronalddeepe | 15.6.2021 22:37:42
After our night of raw sexuality, I started to look at Carol in a all new way. She wasnt just my wife, now she was so much more.
Their was so many areas I wanted to explore with her. I felt like a teenager again. I couldnt stop thinking about how naughty Carol was being.
It was Sunday, and my only day off so I decided I would do something nice and bring Carol breakfast in bed. I went to our kitchen and made our favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs.
As I began to walk up the stairs I could hear moans coming from our bedroom. They werent Carols. I walked into the room to see Carol totally nude, with her legs spread. She was playing with herself and on the TV was porn. I was instantly turned on. I put down our breakfast and got into bed.
Richardnox | 15.6.2021 23:57:14
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Antoinewam | 16.6.2021 00:18:27
Its the day of night out with the guys, and I was contemplating what to do about the photo sharing site.I guess I was just looking to have a little fun with it.It isnt every day that you know something about your buds that they dont know you know.I decided to just send them a PM with no name and a picture.So I put on the clothes Id worn last week, pulled down my pants and laid on the floor – a similar position to where I first got naked with them.Stroking until I was good and hard, I reached up with the camera and got a good selfie of my stiff cock laying on my belly.I uploaded it and attached it to a PM, saying You guys like this? and sent it off.
Victorhouri | 16.6.2021 02:03:51
Gayle felt a trickle of sweat run down between her breasts as she sat in her lawn chair under the tree by her driveway. She pulled the neck of her shirt out and blew down it, letting the air dry her. For the hundredth time this morning, she thought of what a bad idea this had turned out to be. Her friends had told her that she needed to get rid of the jerks belongings he had left behind when he had run off with that Hooters waitress, that she should just have a garage sale and at least get a little money along with the satisfaction of clearing out what he had left behind. She tried to tell them she was too far out in the country for a sale to be practical, that it was too hot for one, too.
Jamesrak | 16.6.2021 03:47:40
Hurry up Nick, its your turn to do the cats, his mother called from down stairs.
Already? Someone just went this morning, he shouted back. It was useless to argue, he knew that, so he turned off the tv, jogged downstairs, grabbed the key, and went out the door. Every year his neighbors a few houses down went to England and asked them to take care of their cats. And every year he was forced to go over there twice a day to feed them, clean out the litter box, and do other maintenance.He got to the door, opened it, and walked toward the garage where the litter box was kept. Inside, he was on the first floor which had a bathroom and a bedroom where the daughter about his age slept. Upstairs, the parents and two sons had rooms, along with the kitchen and family room.
Michaelmup | 16.6.2021 05:29:38
Truth is stranger than fiction!These are my experiences, I lived them.Yes, they really happened, names and some details have been changed for obvious reasons. I dont condone any of the behavior depicted in my stories.These experiences greatly affected the quality of my life, mostly for the worse. I was arrested,jailed, humiliated, bankrupted. My sexual obsessions cost me plenty, yet I cant exist without it, its my very essence. I could say Im writing to make people wary of the costs of such abnormal behavior, that would be very commendable, but its meant to stimulate, control, seduce, warp, and bring you into my world. If you are under 18, if you are offended by anything associated with sex, (gay/lesbian sex, deviant sex, child sex, pornographic sex) please stop reading and turn your attention elsewhere.
BryantWag | 16.6.2021 07:11:20
I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Basketball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didnt pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by his height when I asked him into my home. He was dressed in warm ups and wearing expensive sneakers.
KellySah | 16.6.2021 08:53:19
Nicki Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadlers office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there!!! Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when the doctors nurse burst into the room and offered, You must be Nicki, Im Meg Kean, and Im Dr. Nadlers nurse, so, what can we do for you today, Nicki!?! Nicki was a little taken aback at Meg Keans enthusiasm, but after finally regaining her bearings she replied softly, Well, uh, its a female problem!!! I see, the nurse replied while getting out her pen to make notes on Nickis chart, and what exactly are your symptoms!?! Nicki turned a bright shade of red, and while staring at the floor replied softly, Its kinda embarrassing, can I just wait and tell the doctor about it!?!
CharlesAncem | 16.6.2021 10:39:45
We were in Lake City, Florida taking in an antique car show and sale.Paul had his heart set on picking up a 1958 Cadillac convertible to be offered the following day.Then he got the text! Emergency on oil drilling platform in the Sea of Japan!Down hole pressures fluctuating wildly!Your presence required Now! Your flight departing Gainsville Regional Airport, GNV 2100 hours for connections in Chicago.Be on it.
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Charlesmow | 16.6.2021 12:38:40
Jessica the Transsexual
I have worked for an advertising agency for a few years now, and recently I took a Managing Editor position in the agency. This was a huge opportunity with all the perks, money etc., that a person could want.
One day when we were having our morning meeting a new girl walked in who was gorgeous. She was about 57, exotic, and come to find out she was from Puerto Rico. When she spoke, she had a very sexy accent that was an even bigger turn on.
JamesCealt | 16.6.2021 14:21:38
I wrote this story on the site but for some reason it got lost.This is the best of my memory to it but its not as well written as the last one. it pissed me off too. This story is not yet true.But it will be. My wife one day asked what I was writing and I let her read it.She got so turned on by it that she wants it to become a reality. So by the time you read this it has become reality.
Larryvog | 16.6.2021 16:05:42
The following story is written by a dear friend of mine. I told him his story is amazing and he has a unique way of writing. I then ask ifI can post it here, and he said yes. Thus with Daddyz Dreamz permission, I am posting it
I was in my car, driving from Texas to Virginia.My girlfriend, who had been living with me for four-and-one-half years had left me only two months ago andgone back to her family in Norfolk but (HAPPY DAY) she had called me the day before to ask if she could please come home.
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AnthonyBax | 16.6.2021 17:51:05
Sam and his three hockey teammates had been at the bar for over three hours.Tabitha with her friend Dawn entered and sat down at a table nearby.Neither Sam nor Tabitha knew each other, but that was about to change.
Dawn, an artwork of beauty, passed by the table, flicking her long dark brown hair over her shoulder.All four sitting at a round table nearby forward tilted their heads to get a glance of her tight curvy ass cheeks snuggling inside her full length denim jeans.Bobs eyes fixating on her long legs right down to her gold sequin shoes.Steve panting and thinking of what shes wearing underneath, if anything.
EarnestSaurO | 16.6.2021 19:31:52
What was that noise, Brenda whispered to Morgan after poking her best friend in the ribs to wake her up!?! W-what time is it, Morgan asked sleepily, I dont hear anything, go back to sleep!!! Wake up, girl, Brenda implored once again, Im not sure but it sounded like someone might be in trouble!!! Morgan rolled over onto her side, and after wiping the sleep out of her eyes commented, Are you sure you werent dreaming, remember last summer when you thought there was a man with a gun hiding in your garage!?! Okay, okay, Brenda replied urgently, so I was wrong once, that doesnt mean I didnt hear what I heard tonight does it!?
Kennethdum | 16.6.2021 21:11:33
When I first slept with my aunt Debbie it was a sexual dream come true. It was the best sex I have ever had and the best part is knowing just how taboo it truly was. After we slept together we agreed that it was a one time thing that it mustnot happen again. As time went on I adjusted to it, I had my fantasy come true; however I got the sense that all was not complete. Soon I would have a chance to experience it again only this time in a different way.
ShawnMor | 16.6.2021 22:47:35
I was enjoying the single life when l met Sylvia who had 2 daughters, Elisabeth and Stephanie, we often spent days together as Sylvia was a work acholic. I got on well with the girls, we were out one day having lunch when they asked if we could go away during the summer holidays and l remembered going camping a few times so l suggested we go camping the girls jumped at the idea, but Sylvia wasnt keen so l proposed l would take them.
Dannybeafe | 17.6.2021 00:21:23
My wife was in hospital after just having our first baby. I stayed with her until she fell asleep and then made my way home. I was horny as usual and phoned my mistress (calling her Emily) to arrange to pick her up on the way. Emily and I had been having an affair for a few years and used any opportunity to get together for sex. I collected Emily and drove to my house where we immediately retired to the bedroom for a fucking session. It wasnt long before we were naked and enjoying each others body. I love panty swapping so I had Emily wear a pink cotton panties belonging to my wife. (I love fucking a woman while she is wearing another womans panties).
Stevendof | 17.6.2021 01:52:33
It was my second year in college and i lived in some apartments near campus. I didnt stay on campus because all of the bullshit with rules and such. My neighbor, on the other side of the apartments, was a very sexy girl. She was a freshman at my school and i was obsessed with her since the first time i saw her. She was obviously one of those stuck up rich girls that gets everything handed to her. She drove a new Civic and had really nice clothes. She got her hair done often, it was long, curly and blonde. I watched her for months and figured out her patterns, typical college girl going out every weekend. On the Saturday before Halloween i bought a monster mask, large zip ties and duct tape.
JamesHut | 17.6.2021 03:24:56
Papers papers papers ugh! Im at the office again waiting for my fax to go through so I can make my way to the company lunch room. Sitting one leg across the other my stiletto heel hovered just above a stack of papers piled on the floor. There was so much to do! Lost In though